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Muscle & Joint Healing Balm

Our BEST SELLER! The “Healing Balm” is designed with ALL natural ingredients. The lightweight and pure formula of the balm absorbs quickly into the skin. The Balm targets

Muscle & Joint soreness, aches, mobility and may enhance function with its core ingredients: Arnica, Clove Oil, Camphor Oil, Menthol Crystals, and Hemp Isolate.

Slept+ Gummies

Slept+ gummies promote good quality night-rest. They also provide a better transition to daily activities without feeling inactive and sluggish. With Revive gummies, feel the goodness of sleep and the nice transition to a productive day.

Relief & Recovery Sports Cream

The Sports Cream is a package of ingredients from nature. The cream is one of Revive Biotech’s best formulations.

It absorbs fast, and the onset is just as fast, leaving you with a smooth transition into feeling less aches and moving better.

Revive BioTech Testimonials:

Who is

Revive BioTech?

Developed by Doctors

Led by pain management doctors, pharmacologists, and organic chemists, Revive BioTech is an innovative research-driven company. At Revive BioTech, the focus is to develop pain relief products using hemp and other plant-based resources. The products are made with carefully selected ingredients that originate from distinguished hemp producers.

Backed by Research

Revive BioTech's research and product development process follows 3 stages:

  • Products are researched, formulated, and lab-tested for safety..

  • The products are tested for efficacy through patient review studies

  • Feedback is gathered to enhance and improve the formulations before product distribution.

Safe & Reliable Relief

Revive BioTech has partnered with renowned public universities, companies, and Athletes in the U.S. and abroad to research and develop new products. All products contain ZERO T H C - keeping you compliant with drug testing/screening. Trusted by Athletes, Military, First Responders, and Medical Professionals.


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